Sunday, July 23, 2006

Human Cargo

Dennis Wagner of The Arizona Republic had a strong story Sunday on how the Phoenix area has become the hub of a $2 billion-a-year human smuggling network. "Human Trafficking's Profits Spur Horrors" details how thousands of illegal immigrants are brutally kept hostage in Phoenix drophouses until their families pay ransom. Wagner's story does a terrific job explaining why this vast human smuggling network has developed and describing its impact on people. Wagner's package includes a nifty sidebar, "Lady in Charge," which profiles Julieta Franco-Beltran, the woman at the center of one of the smuggling rings. I like how Wagner uses Franco-Beltran's tale to reveal how human smuggling operations work on a daily basis.

For another compelling look at human trafficking, check out "Sold in the U.S.A." by Kimbriell Kelly of the Chicago Reporter. Kelly shares the story of Ricardo Veisaga, who was tricked by an employment agency into working as a near slave at a Chinese restaurant in Indiana. Kelly reveals that the victims of human trafficking are not just those smuggled from abroad but often are people such as Veisaga, who already live in our cities and towns.


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