Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cop Capers

For nearly a year, Lewis Kamb, Eric Nalder and Paul Shukovsky of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer have been investigating misconduct in the King County Sheriff's Office. "Conduct Unbecoming" uses payroll, pension and other public records to expose how deputies convicted of misconduct still receive taxpayer money and how citizens who make misconduct accusations get charged instead of thanked. Lamb, Nalder and Shukovsky use example after example of how the sheriff's office doesn't police itself. In one story, "Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Keeping Bad Cops on the Job," Kamb tells about a cop convicted of murder who gets a $3,100 tax-free pension check while serving life in prison and the deputy who doubled his salary after being accused of beating his girlfriend.
Thank you Brian Summers for the tip.


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