Sunday, July 09, 2006

Descent into Darkness

I saw two impressive stories today about different aspects of mental illness. "On Dec. 5, 2004, I Killed my Daughter" is a first-person account by Valeria Godines of The Orange County Register describing her descent into the torment of a bipolar disorder. Her story is chilling and brave and beautifully written. Here is how Godines describes what her mental illness felt like:
"What happened to me was like turbulent weather inside my head. Black became three shades darker; red became blood. I could smell flowers in the next room. I felt primal fear, cornered, as if something ominous were after me."
The package with Godines' story includes a sidebar with important facts about mental illness and advice on how to get help.

In "Uncovered," Encarnacion Pyle of The Columbus Dispatch dissects how health insurance in Ohio and some other states usually pays less for severe mental illness than it does for other diseases. Pyle uses powerful anecdotes mixed with strong analysis to show how families struggle as a result of this disparity.


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