Saturday, July 15, 2006

Exploring China

Two recent stories helped me understand the rapid changes and growing tensions China is experiencing. "Bridging Two Worlds" by Alwyn Scott of the Seattle Times tells us about Susie Cheng, a young woman who is part of the largest and fastest migration in human history -- the journey of an estimated 150 million young Chinese from rural areas to cities in the past 15 years. Scott does a nice job of showing us the impoverished hamlet of mud huts where Cheng grew up compared with the cosmopolitan city where she now works for a Seattle-based company.

"China's One-Child Problem" by Mark Magnier of the Los Angeles Times explores the controversy surrounding China's one-child campaign. Magnier movingly tells the stories of people who are challenging the Chinese government's autocratic approach. I admire Scott and Magnier for their ability to reveal the lives of ordinary Chinese citizens.


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