Sunday, July 02, 2006

Transplant Troubles

I'm glad the Los Angeles Times is continuing its investigations into the nation's medical transplant system. "20% of U.S. Transplant Centers Are Found to Be Substandard" by Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein reveals that 48 out of 236 federally funded heart, lung and liver transplant programs keep operating despite failing to meet minimum standards or not performing enough operations to ensure competency. According to the analysis by Weber and Ornstein, 71 more people died between 2002 and 2004 because of the failings.

On a lighter note, "The Coin of This Realm Is Gargantuan" by Richard C. Paddock of the Times tells us about the unusual currency on the island of Yap. The tale may sound like something out of Dr. Seuss, but Paddock does a nice job of putting the story in the context of a people bravely trying to hold on to their culture.


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