Friday, April 07, 2006

Beyond the Great Debate

I'm seeing some great coverage of the immigration issue that moves beyond the usual stereotypes and vitriol and presents the issue with nuance. "Immigration: Dollars and Sense" by Janie Har and Michelle Cole of The Oregonian looks at the impact Oregon's estimated 175,000 undocumented immigrants have on the state's economy. In addition to useful data and analysis, the story boasts strong examples.
Newsweek last week featured a wonderful photo gallery of immigrant communities around the country. What I like best about the "Not Born in the USA" pictures is that they show people in Idaho, Kansas and other states that are not usually thought of as immigrant havens.
And "Help Wanted, but Stay Out" by Jim Ragsdale and Rick Linsk of the St. Paul Pioneer Press shows how employers keep welcoming illegal workers despite the laws designed to keep them out of the country. Ragsdale and Linsk start with a great anecdote about German Morales, an immigrant who repeatedly tried crossing the border until he made it safely to Minnesota, where he has worked for the past 10 years.


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