Sunday, April 02, 2006

Heating Up

If you missed it, definitely check out Time's special report in last week's issue, "Global Warming: Be Worried. Be Very Worried." It may be the most important story of the year. Journalists, of course, have been writing excellent articles about global warming for many years, but by putting together such a comprehensive package and by stating its conclusions so boldly, Time makes it an issue that politicians and business leaders can no longer try to ignore. Jeffrey Kluger's cover story connects the dots of climate change's devastation. An interview with NASA climate scientist James Hansen and sidebars by David Bjerklie on the havoc global warming is playing in the biological world, and by Adam Smith on a bank that is trying to be carbon neutral, add to the package's strength. But perhaps the story is told best by the powerful images captured in the issue's photo essay, "Ice, Wind and Fire.",9171,1176980,00.html


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