Sunday, January 15, 2006

Digging for Perspective

Eleven days ago I commended the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for its coverage of the breaking news at the Sago mine disaster. While the rest of the world turns its attention elsewhere, the Post-Gazette came out with a powerful special report today that details all that went wrong at the mine while telling us about the lives of the miners and their community. "Breakdown at Sago Mine" is a wonderful example of using narrative to tell a complex story. Through thorough reporting, Dan Fitzpatrick, Diana Nelson Jones, Cindi Lash, Steve Levin, Dan Majors, James O'Toole, Dennis B. Roddy, Rebekah Scott, Anya Sostek, Anita Srikameswaran and Steve Twedt succeed in presenting the human side of this tragedy while also clearly explaining the hard facts. Tom Birdsong, Mark Roth, Lillian Thomas and Greg Victor edited the section, which was produced by page designers Joyce Howard, Lauren Lake and editorial artist Kristin Synowka.


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